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Foam Roof Rack Mounts
  • Foam Roof Rack Mounts

    Designed specifically to support and protect SLSA racing skis, ocean racing skis and sprint kayaks when transported on car roof racks. They can be quickly and easily attached to and removed from the roof rack bars, making them a valuable tool when car shuttling for those downwind ski sessions. When not in use, easily remove them to reduce wind drag and possibly improve your fuel efficiency (in comparison to permanently mounted kayak holders). 


    This uniquely designed set of foam mounts includes a front mount which is 250mm long and the rear mount 330mm long. While designed to fit an aero bar type profile, the mounts can fit over most bar profile types.

    The mounts protect your craft through cushioning from the rigid cross bar and provides support through the curved shape and mount length. As the mounts do not secure the craft to the roof rack, it is the customer's responsibility to tie-down their craft to meet the road and wind conditions they will encounter. Feel free to contact us for some advice.


    Included: Two (2) foam mounts (front mount 250mm in length, rear mount 330mm in length)

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