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6th Element Paddles

The 6th Element Paddle by Hayden Surfcraft


The 6th Element Paddle by Hayden Surfcraft is of European design. It is a mid wing paddle, with a 100% carbon blade, and a 60/40 % carbon shaft. The popular two piece paddle complete with a solid aluminium lever lock joiner, has an oval shaft for more comfort, 10cm telescopic action and of course you can feather the angle to any degree you require.
The paddle is very versatile and can cater for paddling in the surf or in the river
The 6th Element paddle comes in 4 sizes large , medium, small and youth. The most popular being the medium and small.

Youth Paddle
Paddle Weight: 620gm
Blade Length: 49cm
Surface Area: 710cm2
Blade Width: 15.4cm

Paddle Weight: 650gm
Blade Length: 49.9cm
Surface Area: 735cm2
Blade Width: 15.9cm
Paddle Weight: 700g
Blade Length: 50cm
Surface Area: 750cm2
Blade Width: 16.4cm

Paddle Weight: 730-770g
Blade Length: 53cm
Surface Area : 845cm2
Blade Width: 17cm

6th ELEMENT PADDLES $450 each

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